Workforce shaping – Agility for disruption


Businesses must be agile to succeed in a changing world. It is paramount for HR to propel a future workforce strategy that can better respond to rapid change and technology disruption.

Workforce shaping shifts away from traditional supply and demand workforce planning to one that allows for continuous decision making in order to quickly pivot and examine talent impact faster and more comprehensively.

Robert Bolton, a partner in KPMG’s Global People and Change Center of Excellence, will lead this discussion and dive into the topic deeper, including:

  • Those disruptors requiring a shift from the traditional workforce strategy
  • The capability implications and big opportunity for HR
  • What changes will be required of HR and the necessary operating model to execute against this
  • What HR needs to think about to build a sustainable workforce shaping capability.


Robert Bolton

Robert Bolton

Partner, People & Change, KPMG UK