Winning the Race for the Platform Webcast

Webcast Overview:

KPMG’s Race for the Platform thought leadership series examines the premium content business, and the evolution of over-the-top (OTT) business models. The onslaught of disruptions is happening at an increasing clockspeed, and there’s a strong sense of urgency to evolve and transform. This webcast will explore two of the scenarios introduced in our paper Race for the Platform: what’s around the next curve.

In the race for the platform, are the wireless carriers or tech giants better positioned to become the dominant platform for consumers to obtain premium content?

  • Wireless carriers already have the combined strength of connectivity, bundling and low marginal costs, affording them a distinct advantage in becoming the platform of choice for pairing mobility and premium video access. With the trifecta of smartphone adoption, constant connectivity, and the promise of 5G, they are well-positioned for the future. 
  • Tech giants are companies whose dominant business is social media, e-commerce, gaming, or mobile device ecosystems, with an established base of users, many of whom are already spending time away from their TVs and on the products and services offered by these companies. For these tech giants, media and content are just one offering in a much larger ecosystem to capture consumers’ time and wallet.

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Phil Wong

Phil Wong

Principal, Advisory, Technology Industry Strategy, KPMG US

Scott Purdy

Scott Purdy

National Media Industry Leader, KPMG US

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