The top three risk management program considerations for healthcare organizations


Healthcare organizations are continuously faced with the uncertainty that comes along with new or updated regulations. As such, they are tasked with identifying practical and reliable ways to manage risk and stay abreast of these regulatory changes. In this highly regulated environment, the need to share information and increase collaboration is also key. 

This Webinar will present the key change agents today in the healthcare industry driving the need for a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) program. KPMG LLP and Nasdaq BWise, a leading GRC software provider, will share experiences in the healthcare industry and offer established practices for healthcare organizations to assess key risks, manage regulatory changes, and make informed decisions to manage their businesses in an efficient way.

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Jerod J. Holloway

Jerod J. Holloway

Managing Director, Internal Audit & Risk, KPMG US

Howard Zev VP - Americas, Nasdaq BWise