HR technology: Enabling the modern HR agenda
HR technology: Enabling the modern HR agenda

HR technology – Enabling the modern HR agenda


Today’s HR organizations are facing unprecedented change, and responding to that change requires a modern approach to HR technology. The workforce of tomorrow expects a digital, personal, and highly tailored experience from its HR function. 

To meet that expectation, advanced HR organizations must go beyond efficient, effective, leading practice process-based experiences, and deliver solutions that differentiate and elevate the organizational value proposition. Additionally, HR must lead the way not only in modernizing the experience within HR, but for the enterprise as a whole. 

As part of our Future of HR series, John Doel, KPMG Advisory partner, discusses these key considerations in preparing for the future of enabling HR technology:

  • Key ingredients to creating a modern, digital experience that is both personal and tailored for the employee.
  • Enabling the HR operating model of the future by driving modernization across key roles within HR and across the organization. 
  • Driving continuous innovation to the business through new ways of supporting  the HR architecture, while maximizing investments in vendors, IT, and strategic HR programs. 


John Doel

John Doel

Principal, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG US