How will the YA global case impact credit funds?

Listen to Scott Woods and Sam Riesenberg talk about the potential impacts to credit funds due to the YA Global case.

Podcast overview

What is the YA Global case and how will it impact credit funds? In this conversation, Scott Woods, Tax Partner – BTS Asset Management, and Sam Riesenberg, Principal Tax – International Tax, talk about how about this case and the facts associated with it could result in changes to trading safe harbor practices.

Check out Part 2 of our credit fund series to learn how this case may lead to changes in structuring and audit activity.

Featured speakers

Sam Riesenberg

Sam Riesenberg

Principal, International Tax, Washington National Tax, KPMG U.S. Tax Services (London) LLP

Scott Woods

Scott Woods

Partner, Tax, BTS - Asset Management, KPMG US



Credit funds: Trends in structuring and audit activity (Part 2 of 2)