Checking in with KPMG Americas Asset Management leads

KPMG Asset Management leads from the Americas host a conversation with KPMG Economics to discuss macro trends in the global economy and the impact to the asset management industry for investors and others to consider.

Podcast overview

In this episode of Talking Asset Management with KPMG, Greg Williams, National Sector Leader for Asset Management at KPMG U.S, hosts a conversation with a senior economist from KPMG Economics and Asset Management leaders from KPMG in Canada, Mexico and Brazil, exploring macro trends in the global economy and the impact on the asset management industry in the Americas.


Gregory Williams

Gregory Williams

Partner, National Sector Leader, Tax, KPMG US

Featured speakers

  • Tim Mahedy, Senior Director, KPMG Economics, KPMG LLP
  • Tom Rothfischer, National Real Estate Industry Leader, KPMG in Canada
  • James Loewen, National Director, Asset Management Practice and Audit Partner, KPMG in Canada
  • Lino Junior, Lead Partner of Asset Management and Audit Partner, KPMG in Brazil
  • Carlos Fernandez, Lead Partner of Financial Services, KPMG in Mexico