Unifying the Front Office with CRM

Shifting thinking towards the customer becoming a place of business

Podcast overview

In KPMG’s Future of the Customer podcast series, we bring you the latest insights from KPMG professionals on how today’s businesses are making the crucial transition to become more customer centric.

In this episode host Cameron Taylor, Manager, Advisory, Customer Solutions talks to Julio Hernandez, Principal, Advisory, Global Center of Excellence lead and US Customer Solutions lead; Michael Herman, Principle, KPMG Customer Solutions; and Brian Higgins, Principle, Advisory, Supply Chain and Operations lead about shifting our thinking towards the customer becoming a place of business. The group talk about how a unified front and middle office helps make this concept a reality.

The panel discusses how their individual areas of expertise can benefit from this way of thinking, and how – by bringing front and middle offices together – the whole business can better support customers. Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and asking what they want and how they engage will help you serve them better and, ultimately, retain them.

The trio also discuss how shared CRM technology is crucial to supporting this way of thinking. And while it can mean a shift in employees’ way of working, any potential problems are outweighed by the gains businesses make in better serving their customers.

Business models changing – including the acceleration of digital transformation strategies – as a result of Covid-19 is also touched on, alongside the need to deliver a great employee experience.

This episode wraps up by discussing the importance of collaboration – which sits at the heart of the unification of the front and middle offices. Cross-functional effort from all teams will ensure success.

Featured speakers

Julio J. Hernandez

Julio J. Hernandez

Global and U.S. Customer Advisory Lead, KPMG US

Michael Herman

Michael Herman

Principal, Advisory, C&O Financial Services, KPMG US

Brian Higgins

Brian Higgins

Principal, Advisory/Customer and Operations, KPMG US