Insight driven customer engagement

Amanda Hicks and Torsten Fritz discuss how to make data part of a connected and seamless customer experience.

In this KPMG Customer First podcast, we explore the concept of insight driven engagement and how organizations are getting to know their customers at a deep and profound level to help them choreograph motivational experiences. Our global panel discusses ways organizations are using data to become more customer centric, how the shift towards digital has affected the insight provided, and how the information we now have on a customer allows us to be more predictive in the experiences we create. With this insight, organizations can demonstrate better empathy with their customers and build relationships that are both personalized and based on trust.

Amanda Hicks, Partner in Charge, Customer Brand and Marketing Advisory, KPMG in Australia 

Torsten Fritz, Director, Customer Advisory, KPMG in the U.K.

Urvashi Roe, Global COO, Customer Center of Excellence, KPMG International


We invite you to listen to the recording in its entirety or jump to the moments of highest interest to you. 

Moments of interest

01:32  Using data to design proactive customer experiences and predict customer needs

03:25  How we connect with customers using digital solutions and big data

16:10  Keeping customer at the center but staying true to your brand

08:10  "Data lakes" – how we unify data in one place

10:51  Trust and the balance between personalized experiences and consumers’ concerns around privacy

16:11  Artificial intelligence trends: predictive offerings, personalization and the drive for innovation

19:23  The biological reaction of customers to services and products

23:32  Gaining insight to shape smaller audience segments at an individual level 

25:27  Embedding insight sits within the day-to-day of an organization and promoting connectivity

32:09  The "tipping point" for legacy organizations

33:00  Insight as the "fabric" of an organization 

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