The future of service and the changing consumer landscape

Julio Hernandez, Terry Walls, and Lisa Bora discuss the changing nature of the consumer landscape and its impact on the customer.

Our global panel on this KPMG Customer First podcast dives into the changing nature of the consumer landscape and the impact this has had on delivering the right customer experiences. Today’s customers know what they want. With countless options at their fingertips, they can easily switch products or providers when their needs are not met. They expect every experience to match their best experience –and the bar rises daily.

  • Julio Hernandez, U.S. Customer Advisory leader, and Global Customer Center of Excellence lead, KPMG LLP
  • Terry Walls, Managing Director and Connected Customer Service Lead, KPMG in the U.S.
  • Lisa Bora, Partner in Charge, KPMG in Australia


We invite you to listen to the recording in its entirety or jump to the moments of highest interest to you. 

Moments of interest

01.02  Intentionality and delivering great customer experiences in the customer service landscape

03.11  Deep connectivity between customer service and employee experience

04.10  Focus on your processes and priorities to inform channel selection

06.49  KPMG’s 6 pillars of customer experience and the prominence of empathy during uncertain times

08.46  Aligning the front office to tailor customer experiences

12.18  The impact of digital enablement on customer engagement

14.12  The rise of automation and the evolution of the workforce

18.10  Establishing metrics to ensure successful delivery

19.57  Fraudulent credit card example in the financial services industry

23.32 Triaging customer service – pre-emptive measures and negative experiences

25.01  Aligning the organization remotely whilst pivoting to a customer-centric environment

28.52  Closing remarks – balancing real-world challenges with a focus on distributed workforces, budgets, and technology

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