The future of sales and the 'always on' customer

Aditya Rath, Tom Lurtz, and Walt Becker discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on the sales space and how organizations can weather the turbulence.

Our global panel on this KPMG Customer First podcast discusses the impact COVID-19 has had on the sales space and how, while the future of the function is somewhat unclear, organizations can place themselves in good stead to weather the turbulence.  The future of sales relies on trust and proactivity, alongside broader investment in technology and AI, to ensure meaningful data collection is captured to help inform the sales process. Winning the customer’s trust is key to success as we enter into the "new reality."


We invite you to listen to the recording in its entirety or jump to the moments of highest interest to you. 

Moments of interest

00:42  How the connected customer is changing the marketing operating model

03:00  The ‘always on’ customer

05:27  Digitization, the multi-channel landscape, and solution-focused interactions

08:55  Driving value through technology and the advent of AI

13:56  The persona-driven sales process and developing customer relationships

18:25  Utilizing data to create meaningful connections

23:18  Sales spend management and determining an ROI

27:39  Spend allocations for sales organizations

29:45  The future of the sales rep

30:22  The sales rep as a trust manager and the cyclical sales process

31:29  Trust based sales and proactively engaging customers

32:28 Closing remarks

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