The future of marketing: A new operating model for connected customers

Carmen Bekker, Jason Galloway, and Joanna Stringer discuss the shifting consumer marketplace and the rise of marketing tech.

Our global panel on this KPMG Customer First podcast discusses the rapidly shifting consumer marketplace, the rise of marketing tech, and how the expectation – and role – of marketing within organizations may change in the coming months and years. With an increasing focus on marketing data measurement, the panel explores the metrics behind brand value. As the traditionally separate roles of marketing, branding, and customer experience continue to converge, they all agree the need to pull these sources together into one holistic point of view is vital.

Carmen Bekker, Partner, KPMG Australia

Jason Galloway, Managing Director, KPMG in the U.S.

Joanna Stringer, Partner, KPMG in the U.K.


We invite you to listen to the recording in its entirety or jump to the moments of highest interest to you. 

Moments of interest

00:42  How the connected customer is changing the marketing operating model

01:37  The changing landscape of marketing technology

03:49  Linking brand value to marketing and sales results

06:49  Where do we stand? The role of marketing functions with organizations

08:55  The new CMO: expectations for the next generation of marketing leaders

12:20  The rise of technology and how to harness it within your team

13:26  The C-suite: Creating a dashboard for a customer-centric experience

17:11  From CMO to CEO – creating space at the top table

18:37  COVID-19 and the impact of the changing landscape on the marketing function

21:39  Takeaway advice for the future of marketing

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