Ethics for a new era

Tim Knight, Samantha Gloede and Vansi Duvvuri discuss brand integrity and the link between business ethics and commercial resilience.

Ethics are now tightly entwined in the wider business agenda of commercial resilience. Processes are needed both for the customer and employees to ensure brand integrity and to protect against reputational damage.

Our global panel on this KPMG Customer First podcast highlights how business success is no longer measured purely in financial terms and how purpose now has to be built into strategy if organizations are to survive and thrive. 


We invite you to listen to the recording in its entirety or jump to the moments of highest interest to you. 

Moments of interest

03:07 The human and environmental dimensions of value creation

05:06 Purpose means resilience

06:13 Data use and governance

09:12 Understanding employee behaviors and using analysis to build trust

11:12 Maintaining authenticity in turbulent times

13:08 Leveraging tech with a multidimensional approach

16:53 The heightened need for stakeholder trust with digital

19:01 Innovating to manage risk and build trust

20:21 Creating resilience with trust

22:12 Trends and insights

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