Empowered employees can drive better customer experiences

Robert Bolton, Chloe Burton, and Matt Campbell discuss the need for an empathetic, engaged, and autonomous workforce.

Our global panel on this KPMG Customer First podcast explores the idea of empowered employees and how businesses can drive better customer service through engaged, autonomous people. They discuss matching organizational values with employee experience, and aligning customer and employee experiences. KPMG research into the future of HR and customer experience excellence are both discussed. 

Robert Bolton, Global Lead for the People and Change Centre of Excellence, KPMG International

Chloe Burton, Senior Manager, KPMG in the UK

Matt Campbell, Managing Director, KPMG in the US

Urvashi Roe, Global COO, Customer Center of Excellence, KPMG International

We invite you to listen to the recording in its entirety or jump to the moments of highest interest to you.

Moments of interest

01:20  Discussion of the Future of HR report

07:37  The dislocation between organizational values and on-the-ground employee experience

11:28  Why empathy is the heart of successful customer and employee interaction

17:30  The failings of a top-down management approach and why autonomy is key to happy, engaged employees

22:37  How to establish a successful "mission culture"

24:16  The age of the "quantified workforce"

29:56  The paradox of having lots of data—but not using it intelligently.

31:04  Why it’s important for organizations to facilitate enterprise among their employees

33:00  Key takeaways

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