Innovation is not just limited to technology but rather enabled by it.

In KPMG’s Customer First podcast series, we bring you the latest thoughts and market examples from KPMG professionals and guests on how today’s businesses are becoming increasingly customer-centric. In this episode, host Isabel Zisselsburger, Partner, KPMG China, speaks with Sam Ganga, Principle, KPMG in the United States and Patrick Maes, Director and Head of Sales, Marketing, Customer and Innovation, KPMG in Belgium, about innovation in customer experience in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The panel looks at constantly rising customer expectations that are challenging companies to innovate fast to keep up, and discuss how organizations can maintain the momentum of transformation accelerated by COVID to ensure their positive results continue. They emphasise that innovation is not just limited to technology but rather enabled by it, and Patrick argues that organizations need to make innovation a day-to-day practice rather than an agenda item for annual strategy meetings.

Sam suggests that organizations have become very comfortable with generating ideas for transformation, but have yet to overcome barriers to execution, such as siloed operations, and says this gap is where real value lies. The trio also discuss the inevitability of innovation-driven transformation, how to keep customers loyal as traditional bricks-andmortar businesses learn to straddle physical premises and e-commerce opportunities, and how to get started if you’re a company with no digital strategy or solution in mind.

Featured speakers

Sam Ganga

Sam Ganga

National Consulting Leader, Consumer &Retail, KPMG LLP

+1 312-961-7289

Isabel Zisselsberger
, Partner, Head of Financial Services Strategy and Operations, KPMG China

Patrick Maes, Director, Head of Customer, Sales, Marketing and Innovation Advisory, KPMG in Belgium

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