Customer service economics

Mike Flodin, Manish Shah and Swetha Ramjee discuss customer service and the evolving voice of the customer.

In KPMG’s Future of the Customer podcast series, we bring you the latest insights from KPMG professionals on how today’s businesses are making the crucial transition to become more customer centric.

In this episode host Mike Flodin, Lead for U.S. Customer Service Transformation, talks to Manish Shah, Director of Service Transformation in New Jersey, and Swetha Ramjee, New York’s Customer Experience Lead, about customer service and the evolving voice of the customer.

The panel discusses:

  • The importance of customer segmentation in personalizing the customer experience
  • How executives can better understand where to invest their capital to reduce the overall cost to serve
  • The importance of a well-designed experience that considers the expectations of the customer
  • How using omni-channel analytics can really help organizations drive customer service economics
  • Empowering and training employees to make the right data-driven decisions.