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Citizen developers within a bank’s tax organization

Elizabeth B. L'Hommedieu

Elizabeth B. L'Hommedieu

KPMG National Tax Deputy – Banking and Capital Markets, KPMG US

+1 614-249-1849

Podcast overview

As part of our In the Vault with KPMG banking podcast series, Liz L’Hommedieu, Principal in Washington National Tax and a leader for KPMG’s Banking and Capital Markets Tax practice, moderated a recent discussion with Amit Ringshia and Charles Danguy from KPMG’s Ignition Tax practice. In this podcast, they discussed the concept of citizen developers within a bank’s tax organization. Amit and Charles shared their insights on the transformation challenges, IT collaboration needs, and how tax departments can operationalize on this cultural shift happening within the tax department.

Amit is a Principal and Charles is a Managing Director in KPMG’s Ignition Tax practice.

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