Workforce 2.0: Creating the workforce of the future

Arun Ghosh explains creating a capable Workforce 2.0 requires more than a refresh of usual talent retention practices. Learn how to reinvent for the future.

Myriad disruptors are impacting the workforce of the future. Automation is substantially altering the shape and flavor of the skills required to compete. Older, more experienced workers are retiring. Millennials are entering the workforce, but their dramatically different needs, desires, and ways of working must be accommodated. And market dynamics are changing at light speed.

But creating a capable, adept, and satisfied Workforce 2.0, as some refer to it, requires far more than a simple refresh of traditional recruitment, development, and talent retention practices.

In this podcast, Arun Ghosh, a principal in KPMG’s Advisory group, sat down to discuss:

  • Why you must reinvent how you acquire talent, manage employee engagement, and build better culture to create a successful workforce of the future
  • Why you need specific regional culture definition
  • Why now is the time to start shaping your strategic Workforce 2.0 plan.
Arun Ghosh

Arun Ghosh

U.S. Leader – Climate Data and Technology, KPMG US