The workforce of the future in an intelligent automation environment

Robert Bolton talks about why building the workforce of the future is an exercise in innovation, creative thinking, and design thinking, and how “workforce shaping” can help.

Organizations in some world regions have just begun dipping their toes into the intelligent automation waters, and enterprises in others are already knee deep with experimentation. Regardless of adoption or evaluation status, businesses everywhere around the globe are wondering how to build the workforce of the future in an increasingly automation-heavy environment.

But, is it all about dealing with automation? Or are there other dimensions they need to think about as they plan for the workforces they need three, five, or ten years down the road?

In this podcast, Robert Bolton, a partner in KPMG UK and head of the firm’s global HR Centre of Excellence, sat down to discuss:

  • Why building your workforce of the future is like building a Lego castle with different bricks than pictured on the box; it’s an exercise in innovation, in creative thinking, and in design thinking
  • How “workforce shaping” will help you look at multiple scenarios for your enterprise’s potential different business futures – all of which consider technology, strategy, business model, and operating model – and the workforce implications of those different futures
  • Why enterprises that are more concerned about HR as simple deliverers of HR services and processes will have a much greater challenge in building the needed workforce of the future than those that consider HR a value-driving, organization-wide critical success factor.


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Robert Bolton

Robert Bolton

Partner, People & Change, KPMG UK