Serverless computing: What you need to know to make it work

Caleb Queern talks about serverless computing, the business and security benefits it can deliver to your enterprise, and the risks you need to know about.

Serverless computing allows enterprises to tap into nearly limitless computing power without all the associated overhead, challenges, and baggage by moving server-based actions to the cloud

It can deliver substantial business value to the enterprise by creating “development velocity.” This means the code gets into the hands of users faster in shorter bursts, so they in turn can do their work faster. And it can also deliver exciting security benefits. But, of course, it also comes with some security risks.

In this podcast, Caleb Queern, a cybersecurity professional in KPMG’s Advisory group, sat down to discuss:

  • What serverless computing is
  • The business and security benefits it can deliver to your enterprise
  • Risks you need to factor into your adopt/no adopt decision
Caleb Queern

Caleb Queern

Director, Cyber Security, KPMG US