Intelligent automation set to go enterprise-wide in 2019

Stephanie Terrill talks about what organizations should do to effectively monetize their investments in intelligent automation once they go enterprise-wide.

 Part of our 2019 Trends podcast series


Intelligent automation (IA) technologies, including robotic process automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, have matured considerably since they stormed the scene several years ago. So too have business unit leaders’ understanding of the huge, and real, positive impacts they can have on the organization.

Because of this dual-pronged maturation, IA in 2019 will move beyond prototypes, pilots, and dabbling to enterprise-wide adoption. But what do enterprises need to do to effectively monetize the value from investments they’ve made in these technologies?

In this podcast, Stephanie Terrill, head of KPMG’s financial management practice in Canada, sat down to discuss:

  • Why talent needs to be trained to work strategically within a process, such as exception management, instead of on a particular type of transaction like purchase order processing
  • Why CFO organizations need to take data that isn’t necessarily perfect – or too summarized and consolidated into the general ledger – and use it as an indicator of where the market’s going, and where they should place their best bets and investments
  • Why a continuous improvement mindset is critical to effectively balancing priorities including cost structure, operating model, and traditional function boundaries.

This is one of many installments in our 2019 Trends podcast series. Visit our series page to listen to others.


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Stephanie Terrill

Stephanie Terrill

Partner, Global Lead Financial Management, KPMG Canada