Integrating security into your DevOps environment

Caleb Queern discuss how to best integrate security into a DevOps software development environment.

There’s an increasingly sharp double-edged sword in the software development space.

On one side is organizations’ growing use of DevOps to accelerate delivery of code to the tune of every couple of weeks, or even a couple of times a day in extremely high performing environments. On the other side is the ever-rising risk of cyber security breaches, which is exacerbated in a quick-release DevOps shop.

So, how should IT groups address the dual requirements of speed and security?

In this podcast, Caleb Queern cyber security professional in KPMG’s Advisory group, sat down to discuss:

  • That there are many areas throughout the software development lifecycle in which you can introduce a capability or behavior to reduce risk
  • Why some companies aren’t succeeding, even if they’ve procured a risk-averting solution
  • Why technology is only part of the answer, and why you also need to look at your personnel, your organization, and your organizational culture to enable proactive security. 
Caleb Queern

Caleb Queern

Director, Cyber Security, KPMG US

Charles A. Jacco

Charles A. Jacco

Principal, Cyber Security, KPMG US