How might the Trump administration affect the outsourcing industry?

Dave Brown discusses the potential impacts of the immigration-related legislation the new U.S. administration will have on offshore captive shared services.

This podcast series from KPMG’s Management Consulting group was recorded immediately before the changeover in the presidential administration.

Immigration-related campaign promises made by presidential candidate Donald Trump, and statements he has made since becoming President, are raising wide-ranging concerns in the global services industry.

In this podcast, KPMG's Dave Brown, spoke about:

  • the impacts of potential changes to the H1-B visa program, tax reform, and other public policies may have on both services buyers and providers
  • why the “war on talent” is more critical than ever
  • immediate actions organizations can take to mitigate possible risks, including assessing their global sourcing model, their current outsourcing contract work, and their local talent supply pool.
David Brown

David Brown

Global Head, KPMG Managed Services Principal, Advisory, KPMG US