Immigration reform and the rise of digital labor

Dave Brown examines the use of digital labor as a way to ease concerns over possible U.S. immigration actions and to bring outsourced jobs back to the U.S.

This podcast series from KPMG’s Management Consulting group was recorded immediately before the changeover in the presidential administration.

Amidst the uncertainty stemming from possible new U.S. government actions, many corporations are wondering if increased use of digital labor will ease potential immigration concerns and make it more viable to bring outsourced jobs back to the U.S.

In this podcast, KPMG's Dave Brown, shared his insights on why enterprises should:

  • reassess their global delivery model through the lens of the types of technology they could deploy to eliminate some of their offshore FTEs
  • evaluate their entire tax strategy, both the incentives for bringing back onshore as well as those in place when they originally sent them offshore
  • carefully consider their long- and short-term labor needs relative to the labor market and the sustainability of their future delivery model.
David Brown

David Brown

Global Head, KPMG Managed Services Principal, Advisory, KPMG US