HR and risk join forces to modernize HR

Mike DiClaudio and Martin Sokalski discuss how HR executives can benefit from intelligent automation while simultaneously addressing associated risks.

Apr 03, 2018

Intelligent automation (IA) holds tremendous potential for HR executives, employees, and managers. Indeed, automation can help HR operate smarter and more efficiently in areas such as recruiting, payroll, talent management, and high performer analysis.

But IA is inherently disruptive, affecting how people work, how processes are designed and delivered, and how the operations behind them operate and are controlled. Failure to address how risks adapt with these changes can leave your organization open to unexpected consequences, potentially negating the benefits of automation.

In this podcast, Mike DiClaudio, leader of KPMG’s HR Advisory group, and Martin Sokalski, leader of the firm’s Emerging Technology Risk practice, sat down with Lee Ann Moore, KPMG’s Management Consulting marketing lead, to discuss:

  • how IA will make HR executives, employees, and managers smarter and more efficient
  • intelligent automation impacting the HR function – process automation, machine learning, natural language processing, and cognitive automation
  • the types of risks it can introduce into the HR function and how HR should address those risks
  • how HR executives can get started on their IA journey.
Mike DiClaudio

Mike DiClaudio

Principal, People & Change, KPMG (US)

Martin Sokalski

Martin Sokalski

Principal, Emerging Technology Risk, KPMG (US)

Lee Ann Moore

Lee Ann Moore

Senior Director, Marketing Leader, KPMG (US)