Real Insights for the HR Executive: How to drive real business value from employee onboarding

Sylvia Pagan, Suzanne Skipper, Rob Cojocaru, and Lynne Ballerini share strategies to drive real business value from a successful employee onboarding experience.

Dec 04, 2018

Welcome to the fifth podcast in our Real Insights for the HR Executive series where we bring you a panel discussion excerpt from the 2017 KPMG HR Forum. Through customer-led stories and luminary insights, the forum addressed best practices and game-changing disrupters to help companies deliver in today’s evolving workplace.

A positive onboarding experience can help new hires stay. Industry statistics show that more than 86% of employees decide whether or not to stay at a new company within the first six months. More than half (58%) of new hires who go through an effective onboarding process are likely to stay with the company after three years. Whether those employees are hired, acquired in a merger, or contractors, talent turnover costs can amount to 150% of an employee’s salary, so the impact of getting it right can be significant.  

In this podcast we discuss strategies to shorten time to productivity, optimize performance within currently low-performing onboarding environments, and the automation and process changes required to drive results. 

Joining the Mike DiClaudio on the panel for this session were:

Mike DiClaudio

Mike DiClaudio

Principal, People & Change, KPMG (US)