HR and digital labor: The “twain” shall meet, but where?
HR and digital labor: The “twain” shall meet, but where?

HR and digital labor: The 'twain' shall meet, but where?

Mike DiClaudio shares the three actions HR practitioners should take soon to effectively leverage automation and the advantages of digital labor.

While HR is not often the primary driver of major business transformation, it continues to adapt as businesses change and the market for delivery evolves. Digital labor represents a great opportunity for HR to play a leadership role in how organizations adopt this new model for delivery. It’s far from a “never the twain shall meet” situation.

HR functions at leading organizations have begun to actively engage in decomposing its processes to determine how to most effectively leverage automation, and investigate opportunities to automate more strategic, value-add activities.

In this podcast, Mike DiClaudio, a principal in the U.S. firm and an executive member of KPMG’s People and Change practice, sat down to discuss:

  • how HR’s “test kitchen” approach brings credibility to its ability to push the rest of the organization forward with digital labor
  • why HR skill sets will be less about finding creative ways to build and gain insights from data, and more about the ability to create actions around it
  • three actions HR executives and practitioners should take soon: gain a versed education on digital labor (even through a Google search), think about how smart automation can be leveraged to handle components of core and/or painful processes, and start to apply some design thinking to those processes.
Mike DiClaudio

Mike DiClaudio

Principal, Human Capital Advisory , KPMG US