The truth about the gig economy and how it is influencing the future of talent management

Matt Campbell talks about the gig economy, how enterprises can exploit it, and how they need to evolve their talent management programs to successfully tap gig workers.

Today’s gig workers are a far cry from yesterday’s temp workers. True that some still operate in clearly defined transactional roles – i.e., the Uber-type model. But many are freelance workers or contractors with high-demand skills sets, and an increasing number are taking on crowd sourcing-type work.

With the quick evolution into a skills-based economy and historically low unemployment rates, gig workers are becoming increasingly important to enterprises’ competitive capabilities. What does all this mean to your organization?

In this podcast, Matt Campbell, a managing director in KPMG’s People and Change practice, sat down to discuss:

  • The most effective ways enterprises can exploit the gig economy (hint: a lot of it stems from the workers’ motivations and perception of value)
  • How organizations need to evolve or overhaul their talent management programs to account for the gig economy
  • Crystal ball views on what the gig economy will look like in five years, and the impacts technology will have on it.
Matt Campbell

Matt Campbell

Managing Director, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG US