Attracting and retaining Generation Z talent

Matt Campbell discusses Generation Z, and what organizations need to consider when adapting their talent model to this new generation of workers.

By now, most organizations have adapted their talent programs to accommodate and respect the traits of Millennials, as they’ve done with all previous generations of workers. But they’ll need to make a host of extraordinary changes in order to prepare for Generation Z talent who are on the verge of entering the workforce.

People born in Generation Z – i.e., in the late 1990’s – have seen seemingly “too large to fail” institutions do exactly that. They were born into technology, with smart phones in their hands several years before they were teenagers. They’ve grown up in a very public social media spotlight. And because their formative years were in such a disrupted world, they’re attracted to environments in which they can experiment.

In this podcast, Matt Campbell, managing director in KPMG’s People & Change practice, discusses:

  • why organizations must make significant changes to their talent programs if they hope to attract the Generation Z talent they need to succeed
  • “appeal factors” to consider
  • why workforce analytics are key to attracting and retaining Gen Z talent.
Matt Campbell

Matt Campbell

Managing Director, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG US