Which dimensions of global business services maturity drive the most financial value?

Don Ryan discusses critical considerations for driving global business services (GBS) maturity and financial performance.

KPMG’s research with 200+ organizations worldwide over the past several years has demonstrated that mature global business services (GBS) organizations can reduce their sales, general, and administrative (SG&A) costs by two percent. For perspective, a $10 billion company with a mature GBS operation could save $200 million a year.

But which of the 10 KPMG-identified dimensions of GBS maturity drive the greatest financial value? In this podcast Don Ryan, leader of market research and thought leadership in KPMG’s global Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory Center of Excellence, sat down to discuss:

  • why enterprises with four or more functions in their GBS organizations can experience an additional percentage decrease in their SG&A costs
  • why process excellence, talent, and data and analysis top the list of financial value enhancers
  • whe impact digital labor will have on GBS organizations’ ability to contribute financial and other benefits to their enterprises.
Don Ryan

Don Ryan

Director, Shared Services & Outsourcing, KPMG US