How your company can be a 'frontier firm' instead of a follower

Steve Hill talks about what 'frontier' or 21st century firms do differently than the 90 percent of the rest to succeed in today’s technology-enabled operating environment.

 Part of our 2019 Trends podcast series


KPMG recently conducted a study looking at the total factor productivity (TFP) of more than 15,000 firms, and found a widening gap between the top ten percent in each industry and the rest – these top ‘frontier’ companies saw revenue grow more than twice as fast as the others. 

So, what do these “frontier” or 21st century firms understand that the followers, or the other 90 percent, don’t? That succeeding in today’s technology-enabled environment requires a strategic, business, and holistic enterprise approach. The rest view it through a technology opportunity or challenge lens. And nine out of 10 times they miss the point.

In this podcast, Steve Hill, KPMG’s global head of innovation, sat down to discuss:

  • The differences between frontier firms and the following 90 percent
  • How the 21st century enterprises view the four vital pillars – their customers, their workforce, their people-centricity, and their ability to scale – before buying their first bits and bytes of intelligent automation technology
  • The best ways to be a fast follower.

This is one of many installments in our 2019 Trends podcast series. Visit our series page to listen to others.

Steve Hill

Steve Hill

Principal, Global Head of Innovation, KPMG US