Jumpstarting your digitally-transformed finance target operating model

Ron Walker and Morris Treadway discuss the approach required for finance organizations to be successful using intelligent automation to evolve their operating model.

KPMG’s 1Q18 Global Insights Pulse survey found that an increasing number of finance organizations are investing in intelligent automation and advanced data and analytics to reduce labor costs, drive efficiencies, and enable staff to do more strategic work.

Whatever their entry point, and however they approach it, the finance organizations that are successful using intelligent automation to evolve their operating models recognize before they start that it’s not just a technology project. It’s a holistic endeavor that requires deep, upfront decisions on pain points, what data-driven insights the business needs to grow and prosper such as, how to prioritize goals and objectives, and a myriad other factors.

In this podcast, KPMG principals Ron Walker and Morris Treadway sat down to discuss:

  • The hindrances that keep finance organizations from getting started with an intelligent automation proof of concept – and how to overcome them
  • Business case requirements to gain the necessary buy-in
  • Selecting and measure the strategic benefits of your initiative, that may include savings opportunities, improved forecasting accuracy, and gaining better insights into how to price new products or services to drive profitable growth.
Morris Treadway

Morris Treadway

Principal, Finance Transformation, KPMG US

Ron Walker

Ron Walker

Finance Transformation Service Network Lead, KPMG US