Finance's mandates in 2018: Reduced costs, profitable growth and accurate data and analytics

Morris Treadway explains how intelligent automation can help finance meet its top three 2018 mandates.

As finance organizations continue on their journey to becoming increasingly strategic partners to the business, what mandates do they face in 2018? Three rise to the top. Pressures to reduce costs, identify new opportunities to generate profitable growth, and deliver more and better data and analytics-based insights.

And not surprisingly, intelligent automation is the key to finance successfully addressing these mandates.

In this podcast, Morris – known as Mo – Treadway, KPMG's Global Head of Financial Management Advisory in the U.S., sat down to discuss:

  • why finance shouldn’t focus on one particular type of intelligent automation, but instead look at how to best integrate various digital technologies to optimize its end-to-end processes
  • the importance of the CFO leading the charge with insights and analysis, and how a Data and Analytics Center of Excellence can speed access to critical data and analytics
  • why the most successful companies will be those that understand that intelligent automation is just an enabler, and that the real value will be realized through people and data.
Morris Treadway

Morris Treadway

Principal, Finance Transformation, KPMG US