Employees as strategic business partners: A new role you need in your enterprise

Matt Campbell talks about why organizations need to develop employees as strategic business partners, the skills people need to succeed in this new role, and ways to measure their effectiveness.

Enterprises certainly need top-performing functions such as HR, finance, and procurement in order to successfully operate. But in order to successfully compete, they need to move beyond providing transactional support to developing talent that helps shape the way they manage the future of their business. They need strategic business partners.

The big idea behind this new role is shifting the focus away from how to get things done to what must be done for the organization to be successful. It’s about fostering talent that can drive value, and provide advice to influence and improve business decisions.

In this podcast, Matt Campbell, a managing director in KPMG’s People and Change practice, sat down to discuss:

  • The skills strategic business partners need, including business and market understanding, relationship management, strategy, and results orientation
  • The two sides of measuring the effectiveness of strategic business partners
  • How the new digital technology landscape is influencing the need for this new role.
Matt Campbell

Matt Campbell

Managing Director, Human Capital Advisory, KPMG US