Don't overlook the importance on culture and change to digital success

Cliff Justice talks about why culture and change are as important to digital success as the technology and use cases themselves.

 Part of our 2019 Trends podcast series


In their self-imposed race to harness intelligent automation for competitive advantage, many organizations fail to recognize that culture and change are just as important to digital success as the technology and use cases themselves.

Why are culture and change so essential? Because digital doesn’t just effect what and who are inside an organization’s four walls. It also impacts external stakeholders, and their ability and desire to adapt to a new way of interacting with the business.

And without a cohesive vision and roadmap for how to manage all the changes throughout their ecosystem, enterprises leave themselves open to immense disappointments and wide-scale challenges.

In this podcast, Cliff Justice, U.S. leader of KPMG’s intelligent automation, sat down to discuss:

  • What leading organizations are doing to address change, and where and how others are lagging
  • Why businesses in most industries face existential threats if they fail to deal with change
  • Why a culture of learning is so critical to digital success, and why enterprises need to focus on business process even more than technology talent.

This is one of many installments in our 2019 Trends podcast series. Visit our series page to listen to others.

Cliff  Justice

Cliff Justice

National Leader of Enterprise Innovation, KPMG US