Wrangling digital labor risk with governance

KPMG’s Hall, Lopes, and Combs build the case for two types of digital labor governance to mitigate risk in an outsourced environment.

In the wild west of outsourced digital labor, the IT teams from both the buyer and provider organizations, and even the buyer’s external auditors, join the ranks of the engagement stakeholders With this added complexity, and the multiple risks associated with digital labor – security, financial controls, and data privacy, to name just a few – two types of governance are requisite “wranglers.”

This podcast features Thomas Hall and Fabiano Lopes from KPMG Management Consulting, and Kelly Combs from KPMG’s Risk Advisory group, who sat down to discuss:

  • why you need digital labor governance at the program level, to look at different use cases, how they should be prioritized, how the benefits balance with associated business process risks, etc.
  • why you also need a separate IT governance function within your IT department, ideally in the form of an IT digital center of excellence, to address IT risks, security, controls, and compliance, maintain due diligence over the automation platform itself, etc.
  • in an outsourced environment, why it’s critical to contractually agree on a host of issues including which party owns the bots, how expansion is controlled, how automation will affect key financial processes, and who owns the IT property rights.
Thomas Hall

Thomas Hall

Director, Shared Services and Outsourcing, KPMG US

Kelly Combs

Kelly Combs

Director, Emerging Technology Risk, KPMG US