Cloud for the win: The adoption of hybrid cloud strategy

James Williams discusses the motivating factors for moving to hybrid cloud models and the key enablers to ensure success.

Today’s cloud models have the potential to redefine service delivery, reduce costs, and enable companies to compete more effectively. And major research shows that up to 65 percent of companies are using hybrid models—a combination of public, private, or software-as-a-service strategies—as part of their service delivery. 

In this podcast, James Williams, a Director in KPMG’s CIO Advisory practice, discusses:

  • the motivating factors for moving to hybrid models and the potential benefits to organizations
  • the key enablers organizations need to have in place to ensure success with hybrid cloud and the stumbling blocks they may need to overcome
  • how to craft a solid business case to recoup investment into hybrid cloud models.


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James Williams

James Williams

Director, Advisory, KPMG US