China's intelligent technology industry will positively impact other Asian economies

Edge Zarrella talks about the major investments and technological advances being made in China, and how they’re pervading and serving as a model for other Asian economies.

 Part of our 2019 Trends podcast series


Just like other countries around the world, China is heavily embracing artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, and other types of intelligence automation. The country also makes significant use of facial recognition, and is home to Alibaba, China’s biggest online commerce company (and a top Amazon rival).

You may already know all that. But you may not be aware that there’s a lot of private equity and venture capital money coming into the country. And it’s helping fund domestic development of technologies with price points that will allow China and its Greater Bay area – as well as other countries in Asia – to fuel their economic engines at an unparalleled rate of disruption.

In this podcast, Edge Zarrella, a KPMG partner based in Hong Kong, sat down to discuss:

  • Why China has the ability to drive its technologies out into other Asian markets at prices that significantly accelerate adoption
  • Why bureaucratic legacy thinking – not legacy systems – is the main reason that many types of technology and automation initiatives take years, instead of just weeks, to rollout and deliver benefits
  • Edge’s view on protectionism, the dangers of regionalization for all parts of the world, and the long-term benefits of globalization, particularly for the planet’s poorest populations. 

This is one of many installments in our 2019 Trends podcast series. 

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Egidio Zarrella

Egidio Zarrella

Partner, KPMG China