Beyond building bots: Governing a bot environment

In this series, Beyond building bots, Dave Brown and Bob Cecil explore what it looks like to build and govern a bot environment and the risks to be considered.

As digital labor increases as a viable option in service delivery models, so does the need for managing the accompanying outcomes. Organizations that create effective strategies around the people, processes, and technologies at the heart of digital labor, are able to competitively differentiate themselves in today’s marketplace. But it requires more than just implementing software.

This series explores digital labor technologies and their ramification on businesses through real-life examples of KPMG clients. We look at how organizations can take advantage of process automation, embrace digital labor, and do so successfully.

In this podcast, Dave Brown and Bob Cecil, both with KPMG’s Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory practice, sit down to discuss:

  • what it looks like to build and govern a bot environment and some of the accompanying risks that need to be considered
  • the importance of establishing an enterprise-wide center of excellence (CoE) to pull together capabilities from IT and the procurement organization in order to manage digital labor technologies
  • the role of third-party management in digital labor automation and the unique differences around governance that companies need to get right.
David Brown

David Brown

Global Head, KPMG Managed Services Principal, Advisory, KPMG US

Bob Cecil

Bob Cecil

Principal, Procurement and Business Services, KPMG US