With autonomous vehicles, risks and opportunities abound

Danny Le talks about the many cybersecurity risks in the autonomous vehicles industry, and the opportunities available to the myriad players in the complex ecosystem.

The public has read with fascination, and a healthy dose of apprehension, about the wonders of autonomous vehicles.

But all the players in the highly complex, multi-trillion dollar automotive industry – including the manufacturers, OEMs, suppliers, service providers, financial services firms, insurers, real estate companies, even parking lot operators – have their eyes trained on a host of cybersecurity issues that go hand-in-hand with this marvel that’s on the cusp of changing life as we all know it.

In this podcast, Danny Le, a partner in KPMG’s cybersecurity practice, sat down to discuss:

  • three major areas of cybersecurity concern:
    • public safety
    • interaction of internal components within a vehicle
    • privacy issues related to personalized experience
  • liability and insurance issues that the industry – and the broader ecosystem, including the government – are carefully considering
  • why one player’s opportunity is another’s risk and how to look at the risk-to-opportunity equation.


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Danny Le

Danny Le

Principal, Cyber Security, KPMG US