Autonomous vehicles: Diving deep into broad cybersecurity issues

Danny Le discusses the broader cybersecurity risks in the autonomous vehicles industry, and how they will fuel growth in tangential sectors.

In a previous podcast, Danny Le, a partner in KPMG’s cybersecurity practice, talked about the three major areas of security concern with autonomous vehicles: public safety, the interaction of all the internal components of the vehicles themselves, and the privacy issues related to the personalized experience.

But because the ecosystem that will be impacted by autonomous vehicles is so far flung, there are myriad ramifications – which can be viewed both positively and negatively – in industries tangential to the actual automotive sector.

In this podcast, Danny Le discusses a variety of topics, some unexpected, all critical, including:

  • How connected vehicles can help in urban planning, and also affect neighborhood gentrification, commercialization and economics
  • Why the security, assurance, technology, and personalization industries will grow exponentially due to autonomous vehicles
  • The over-arching question of how to create a solution that is commercially viable, extends beyond the demand for protection, and delivers an enhanced experience.


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Danny Le

Danny Le

Principal, Cyber Security, KPMG US