Will autonomous vehicles put the brakes on the collision parts business?

Thomas Mayor highlights practical realities around the much-touted development of autonomous vehicles.

Self-driving cars promise to lower the number of vehicle crashes. That’s good news for society, but bad news for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) who will see a big dent in their lucrative collision parts business – fewer new fenders, hoods, and windshields that go to repair vehicles damaged in accidents.

How can OEMs transform to find ways to make up for this knock in their profitability?

Thomas J. Mayor, National Strategy Leader for Industrial Manufacturing, highlights some of the practical realities around the much-touted development of autonomous vehicles :

  • What the impetus is behind increasingly available advanced driver-assistance systems
  • The preemptive actions OEMs can take to mitigate the risk of a decreased collision parts business
  • What alternative revenue opportunities OEMs may find to make up for the decline in their spare parts and auto repair business
  • The critical actions automotive leaders should undertake now to better prepare for the unprecedented amount of change in the industry

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Tom Mayor

Tom Mayor

National Strategy Leader, Industrial Mfg., KPMG US