Podcast: Autonomy delivers – Coming very soon to your whereabouts

Gary Silberg talks about the autonomous delivery market, and why it’s on the verge of exploding.

The autonomous delivery market – or the use of autonomous vehicles like drones and self-driving cars to deliver all types of products and merchandise – is on the verge of exploding. In fact, it’s so close to becoming a reality that KPMG purposely named its recently released white paper Autonomy delivers: An oncoming revolution in the movement of goods.

Why? Consumers in industrialized nations around the world are already fully accustomed to simply pushing a button to purchase and have items delivered by human drivers, rather than making the trek to the store or mall. But those deliveries come with a significant cost, to cover labor, insurance, shipping etc. With autonomous delivery, these costs will plummet, while delivery options increase all at the same time. 

Think about it: college students ordering food to satisfy midnight cravings, parents needing the missing assembly part for their new desk, or party goers buying the perfect dress or tie. Who wouldn’t want all this available at their beck and call, any time of day, in less than an hour if it only costs less than a dollar to deliver?

In this podcast, Gary Silberg, The Americas’ Head of Automotive and Transportation, sat down to discuss:

  • Why venture capitalist firms and retailers are investing billions of dollars on autonomous delivery capabilities
  • Why consumers will happily adjust to having goods delivered in less than an hour by autonomous vehicles, even though it could mean sharing the sidewalk, or their home, with robots
  • Why autonomous delivery could help level the playing field for local mom-and-pop shops.


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Gary Silberg

Gary Silberg

Partner, Global Automotive Sector Leader, KPMG US