Automation will drive “workforce shaping” in 2018

Robert Bolton talks about automation and its impact on jobs, and why HR needs to become a “workforce shaper” instead of a workforce planner.

Jan 16, 2018

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” True about American author and humorist Mark Twain when he said it about himself in 1897, and true about the widely-hyped loss of white collar jobs to automation in 2018 and the surrounding years.

Indeed, in most cases it’s tasks, not jobs, that are being written out of the enterprise workplace equation. And that means the concept of humans and bots working together to deliver an outcome is becoming increasingly important.

In this podcast, Robert Bolton, a principal in KPMG’s U.K. People and Change practice, sat down with Stan Lepeak to discuss:

  • why you should take into account the implications on skills, your function, brand, reputation, and the quality of the customer or employee experience before automating something just because you can
  • the role HR should play in that debate
  • what “workforce shaping” is, and why it has to replace workforce planning in the automation era.
Robert Bolton

Robert Bolton

Partner, People & Change, KPMG (UK)

Stan Lepeak

Stan Lepeak

Director, Shared Services & Outsourcing, KPMG (US)

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