Create an agile organization in 4 steps

KPMG's Duncan Avis, Kim Huddle, and Leila Shin discuss the four steps every business should consider as it works to enable agility throughout the organization.

Customers’ expectations and behaviors are evolving far faster than most organizations can address. A new generation of workers possess values markedly different from their predecessors. And startup companies can go from zero to full scale more rapidly than ever before, giving rise to new competitors seemingly overnight.

Organizations need to adapt quickly to navigate these shifting currents. That means adopting an agile operating model to turn challenges into opportunities.

Businesses can facilitate this agility by becoming what we call a “connected enterprise”— a company that has become truly customer-centric by connecting the front office with the middle and back office, enabling the entire enterprise to deliver creative customer experiences that are relevant, differentiated, and profitable.

While each company will have its own path to creating the ideal agile operating model, in this podcast you will hear Duncan Avis, Kim Huddle, and Leila Shin discuss four steps every business should consider as it works to enable agility throughout the organization:

  • clarify and communicate what agility means to your organization
  • determine the capabilities you need from your workforce and how to organize your operations
  • consider the right sourcing model for your flavor of agility
  • revisit your governance structure.
Duncan Avis

Duncan Avis

Principal, Customer Solutions, KPMG US

Kim Huddle

Kim Huddle

Managing Director, Consumer & Retail Industry Lead, KPMG US

Leila Shin

Leila Shin

Principal, Transformation Delivery, KPMG US