2018 top trends: An economist’s view

Constance Hunter discusses, from an economist’s perspective, the top trends, opportunities and risks that intelligent automation is creating.

Feb 06, 2018

Podcast overview

What’s an economist’s take on how economic indicators, developments and inflection points will impact businesses in 2018? What will the linkages between developed and emerging markets mean for organizations this year? How about paradigm shifts brought about by disruptive technologies and mega trends?

To find answers and insights, Stan Lepeak recently sat down with Constance Hunter, KPMG LLP’s chief economist to discuss:

  • top positive trends and impacts – including improved customer demand, and increased productivity driven by intelligent automation and digital labor – and the numbers behind them
  • negatives and challenges, including talent shortages and the hollowing out of middle-skill jobs due to technological innovation
  • top initiatives companies are undertaking to exploit the positives and address the negatives, including ways to handle the talent shortage and job loss issues, and why “out-innovating” themselves can be very important for legacy firms’ survival.
Constance Hunter

Constance Hunter

Chief Economist, KPMG (US)

Stan Lepeak

Stan Lepeak

Global Research Director, KPMG (US)

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