Enterprise service management makes employees' lives easier

Liz Evans and Mitch Kenfield talk about how ESM is changing organizations’ business services delivery focus from execution to making employees’ lives easier.

Historically, organizations have focused on how to optimize how they execute delivery of business services to their employees. Global business services? Shared services? Third-party providers? Different organizational and technological constructs?

Today, the focus is increasingly shifting to, “How do we make our employees’ lives easier? How do we leverage technology and put a framework around it to allow our employees to be more productive?”

One key part of the answer lies in enterprise service management (ESM.)

During this podcast, Liz Evans, a principal in KPMG’s Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory group, and Mitch Kenfield, a principal in the firm’s Technology Enablement group, sat down to discuss:

  • why ESM helps organizations deliver business services the way their employees want to receive them (hint: it’s similar to the consumer experience in today’s digital world)
  • the process and technical architectures that underpin successful ESM
  • ways organizations can view and measure ESM success.
Liz Evans

Liz Evans

Principal, Procurement and Business Services, KPMG US