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Join KPMG and other executives for this three-day, invitation-only Tech and Innovation Symposium. We’ve designed the agenda to challenge assumptions, spark dialogue, and invigorate innovation—all amid the alpine serenity of the Stein Eriksen Lodge.

Featured speakers

The agenda will offer perspectives across strategy, geopolitics, technology, and art—and will explore how these intersect to form challenges and fuel opportunities for you and your business.

Hear from subject matter specialists including:

Peter Zeihan
American Geopolitical Analyst, Author and Speaker                

Cathy Hackl
Founder & Chief Metaverse Officer at Journey             

Emad Mostaque
CEO and Founder of
Stability AI                                       

Gamiel Gran
Chief Commercial Officer
of Mayfield Fund                 


Ted Schilowitz
Futurist at Paramount

Krista Kim
Metaverse Artist and Co-Founder of 0.xyz

Shelly Palmer 
Professor of Advanced Media in Residence at Syracuse University and CEO of The Palmer Group                                                       

W. Scott Stornetta
Partner and Chief Scientist, Yugen Partners, Blockchain Co-inventor     

What to expect

Sharpen your strategy and strengthen your network with three days of keynote talks, interactive sessions, networking events, and a vibrant technology showcase. This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in topics like these:

  • The geopolitical impact on innovation as it relates to the corporate agenda
  • The impact of generative artificial intelligence
  • The next evolution of a more inclusive, immersive, and secure internet
  • The convergence of the physical and digital world and the technologies that enable it
  • June 19
  • June 20
  • June 21

June 19

Welcome reception and happy hour
Cliff Justice, KPMG US Partner, Head of Enterprise Innovation
Todd Lohr, KPMG Principal, Digital Lighthouse Leader

Ascending summits brain computer interface
Cathy Hackl, Journey Chief Metaverse Officer & Founder

June 20

Welcome and opening remarks
Cliff Justice, KPMG US Partner, Head of Enterprise Innovation

Keynote: Geopolitics and innovation: Shifting realities, emerging opportunities
Geopolitical shifts are poised to upend global commerce as we know it. How might these changes affect American manufacturing, including semiconductor/chip production? What’s likely to happen as U.S.-China decoupling accelerates? What’s the long-term outlook on labor shortages? Most importantly, how might these changes impact the pace of innovation—and where are the opportunities amid global change? American geopolitical analyst and author Peter Zeihan’s eye-opening talk will challenge how you think about the global supply chain, the importance of innovation, and your organization’s opportunities to thrive in the current landscape.
Peter Zeihan, American Geopolitical Analyst, Author, and Speaker

Innovation imperative in a changing world
Given global shifts and macro trends, technology driven innovation has never been more important. Join this cross-functional panel to explore the imperative for innovation across different industries shaping the global economy.
Per Edin, KPMG Board Committee Chair, Global Lead Partner, and Innovation leader for Deal Advisory & Strategy
Jonathan Brill, Author, Fortune 50 Futurist and Board Advisor, Center for Radical Change
Andrea Course, Venture Principal investing in Robotics and AI, Shell Ventures
Ajit Dansingani, Global Head of Strategy and Senior Vice President, HP Personal Systems
Stuart Pann, Chief Business Transformation Officer and Senior Vice President, Intel Corporation
Faraz Shafiq, Chief Digital Officer and WW Head of Digital Transformation, AWS

How corporate innovators can increase the odds of success
Mayfield Fund’s Gamiel Gran has a unique passion and deep experience in driving corporate innovation. In this discussion, he’ll provide an update on the venture capital/early-stage market and his perspective on issues that large corporate teams face when driving innovation with startups. He’ll also provide a refresher on what he calls “the 3 Is” of corporate innovation: ideation, incubation, and investment.
Gamiel Gran, Chief Commercial Officer, Mayfield Fund

Investments in Innovation
 An exploration of how startups and large corporates can successfully collaborate to accelerate innovation and drive real change.
Andrew Matuszak, KPMG Ventures, Managing Director, Corporate Development
Scott Lenet, Co-Founder and President, Touchdown Venture
Trevor Traina, CEO and Founder, Kresus Labs
Brian Hlavinka, VP of New Energy Ventures, Corporate Strategic Development, Williams

Why you should care about the Immersive Internet (Metaverse)?
This panel brings together visionaries, innovators, and thought leaders to tackle an important question: Now that Generative AI has eclipsed Metaverse and Web3, what’s ahead for the Immersive Internet? Join Cathy Hackl, Richard Kerris, and Ted Schilowitz as they help define the immersive internet and discuss the future of the Metaverse. Hear their take on how immersive experiences, GenAI, and the physical world are converging in a phygital world and learn more about real-world case studies that demonstrate how immersive internet concepts are coming to life in various industry sectors in support of customer experience, engagement, conversation, retention, and ultimately, new revenue streams. 
Cathy Hackl, Chief Metaverse Officer & Founder, Journey
Ted Schilowitz, Futurist, Paramount Global
Richard Entrup, KPMG US Sr. Advisor, Enterprise Innovation
Krista Kim, Metaverse Artist and Co-Founder of 0.xyz
Elizabeth Hyman, Chief Executive Officer, XR Association

Keynote: Computing the business value of next-generation technologies
Organizations are already using AI solutions for practical applications like automating repetitive tasks, enhancing decision-making processes, and enabling faster, more efficient communication. Now, where do we go from here? Shelly Palmer—professor, author, and leading voice in tech—brings us along for a closer examination of generative AI, Web3, Metaverse and other next-generation technologies. Learn what every executive needs to know about these dynamic innovations and how they can help create value and drive growth for your enterprise.
Shelly Palmer, Professor of Advanced Media in Residence at Syracuse University and CEO of The Palmer Group

Keynote: Building blocks for trust: The role of blockchain in society’s digital transformation
Learn more about the potential value of blockchain from one of its founding fathers, Scott Stornetta. In addition to co-developing blockchain, Stornetta is a notable figure in the science of cryptography and distributed computing. He’ll share his take on how and why blockchain will play a pivotal role in bolstering trust in a digitally transformed society.
W. Scott Stornetta, Partner, and Chief Scientist, Yugen Partners, Blockchain Co-inventor

From the front lines of innovation: B2B use of blockchain and Web3
Hear from Yorke Rhodes, Digital Transformation Director at Microsoft, and Trevor Traina, CEO and Founder of Kresus Labs as they demonstrate the real-world use cases of blockchain and Web3. Hear a recap of how they’ve implemented these innovations, the value they’re realizing, and what they’ve learned along the way.
Yorke Rhodes, Microsoft Director Digital Transformation, Blockchain, Cloud Supply Chain
Trevor Traina, CEO and Founder, Kresus Labss
Greg Genega, KPMG Lead, Audit Innovation

The battle for tech talent
Executives will weigh in on one of the most pressing obstacles to innovation: talent. What does it take to attract and retain diverse talent to develop and sustain innovation? What role can and should leaders play in promoting diversity of thought within their organizations? Listen to this lively discussion on the unique value people bring to corporate innovation.
Fiona Grandi, KPMG Partner, Advisory Risk Services Leader
Judith Spitz, Executive Director, Break Through Tech
Shobhana Ahluwalia, Technology Executive

Closing remarks
Cliff Justice, KPMG US Partner, Head of Enterprise Innovation
Todd Lohr, KPMG Principal, Digital Lighthouse Leader

Dinner and Entertainment

June 21

The human side of innovation
Innovation is usually enabled by technology, but it’s ultimately powered by and for people. In this interactive workshop, we’ll use design thinking techniques to ideate about the “jobs to be done” to drive innovation.
Elisa Holland, Managing Director, Head of Innovation Labs @ KPMG Ignition
David Jarczyk, KPMG Principal, Enterprise Innovation
Brian Miske, Managing Director, KPMG Ignition

What happens when the metaverse meets mental health?
Discussions about technology and mental health often focus on the link between smartphone usage and growing rates of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. This talk by Harvard Medical School Professor of Psychiatry Srini Pillay, MD, will challenge you to think differently. Dr. Pillay will reveal how virtual worlds are enabling creative solutions to PTSD, anxiety, sensory overload, and other mental health issues.
Krista Kim, Metaverse Artist and Co-Founder of 0.xyz
Dr. Srini Pillay, M.D. Chief Medical Officer, and Co-Founder of Reulay

Quantum Ecosystem
Aparna Prabhakar,
Vice President of Quantum Ecosystem, IBM

Fireside Chat with Frank Slootman, CEO, Snowflake Computing
Frank Slootman, CEO Snowflake Computing
Per Edin, KPMG Board Committee Chair, Global Lead Partner, and Innovation leader for Deal Advisory & Strategy

Inspiring intelligence: Generative AI for the greater good
As some voice concern about the dangers and risks of Generative AI, Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque will offer an optimistic take. He’ll take a closer look at the impacts this innovation is already having—and its potential to support the greater good around the globe.
Emad Mostaque, CEO and Founder, Stability AI

The upside and the flipside of Generative AI
Executives will discuss the pros and cons of Generative AI in the context of industry use cases. Hear how their enterprises are building the systems, frameworks, controls, and other infrastructures to maximize the value and minimize the risk.
Anju Gupta, Vice President of Data Sciences and Analytics for Northwestern Mutual
Dr Misty Blowers, Chief Technology Officer, Datalytica
Todd Lohr, KPMG Principal, Digital Lighthouse Leader
Brandon Kaplan, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Journey

How do you know your AI ecosystem is secure?
As companies deploy AI systems and tools, they’re creating entirely new threat attack surfaces. Many organizations—especially those in highly regulated industries—are beginning to grasp the complexity inherent in preventing, detecting, and mitigating internal and external threats to their AI systems. This panel of business and tech thought leaders will discuss the challenges and introduce Cranium AI—an innovative solution that KPMG ideated, incubated, and spun off earlier this year.  
Jonathan Dambrot, Founder, Cranium
Anu Puvvada, KPMG Managing Director, Enterprise Innovation
Steve Chase, KPMG Partner, US Consulting Leader
Kyle Kappel, KPMG U.S., Principal, Cyber Security Services
Michael Wagner, Chief Information Security Officer, Kenvue

Breakouts: Making it real – innovation that works

More sessions to be announced!


Stein Eriksen Lodge, Park City, Utah



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