March 28–31, 2023

KPMG at LOA Symposium 2023

St. Louis Station Hotel | St. Louis, MO

KPMG is proud to be a LOA member and sponsor of this year’s symposium. The nation’s premier event dedicated to enabling exchanges among logistics, acquisition, and technology professionals from across the Department of Defense, defense industry, and academia—focused on Leadership, Innovation, Velocity and Excellence (L.I.V.E.).

Hear from our thought leaders

Wednesday, 29 March

Women In Defense Logistics Panel | Regency Ballroom A
1230 – 1310 CDT

Maggie Sleeper, Director, Federal Supply Chain & Operations

Mission Under Attack: Supply Chain Risk | Regency Ballroom C
1230 – 1310 CDT

Mike Lane, Director, Federal Supply Chain & Operations


Thursday, 30 March

The Digital OODA Loop | Frisco
1330 – 1410 CDT

Jill Fernald, Managing Director, Federal Technology Platforms


Friday, 31 March

Warehousing Rewired | Main Stage
0830 – 0910 CDT

Chad Jones, Global Government Lead, Supply Chain & Procurement

Our latest insights

Supply Chain Risk Management | A data-driven approach to protecting your agency
Threats to U.S. government supply chains have evolved as disruptions have increased and become more visible. In response, new guidance and mandates have been put in place to assist federal agencies in managing supply chain risk. KPMG has developed an end-to-end Supply Chain Risk Management approach to assist organizations with meeting the challenges to effectively address supply chain risk.
KPMG smart warehouse and smart depot
Smart warehouse and smart depot approaches improve inventory accuracy and accountability with RFID and robotic input, reduce manpower, and increase warehouse capacity with faster responses, and improved mission readiness. Our framework can be a guide to begin turning your smart base vision into reality.
5G Smart Warehouse Prototype
This paper explores the options available to state and local governments to accelerate the integration between healthcare and social programs with the objective of better addressing social determinants of health and improving overall efficacy and quality of the patient care continuum.
Guardian Culture
The U.S. Space Force is responsible for organizing, training, and equipping Guardians to conduct global space operations that enhance how our joint and coalition forces fight; and offer decision-makers military options to achieve national objectives. Establishing a Guardian Culture is critical to the success of the force and their missions.



Smart bases for more resilient military operations

A smart base integrates base operations so sensors, data, and predictive technology can connect with individuals to enable human-machine teaming and data-driven decisions.



5G poised to transform defense logistics

Defense agencies can use 5G to more precisely manage their supply chains and warehouse logistics. The ongoing modernization of the U.S. Marine Corps’ inventory management system offers a glimpse of 5G’s potential impact.



Lead with 5G innovation

KPMG is ready to help U.S. Military agencies achieve leap-ahead capabilities and game-changing outcomes by integrating 5G and smart technologies to deliver a fully-connected warehouse.

Connect with our team

We look forward to connecting at this year’s conference. Please reach out to connect with members of our team on site.

Patricia St. George

Patricia St. George

Partner, Federal Advisory, KPMG US

+1 703-868-5073
Chad J Jones

Chad J Jones

Managing Director, Advisory, FED Supply Chain & Operations, KPMG US

+1 703-343-2226
Margaret Sleeper

Margaret Sleeper

Director, Federal Supply Chain & Operations, KPMG US

+1 703-286-8000