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ServiceNow Knowledge 2020 was digital, and KPMG was proud to be a premier sponsor for this exciting virtual experience!  As a premier sponsor, KPMG had a dedicated channel where participants watched or listened in to hear extraordinary customer success stories, learn leading practices on the platform, experience solution demos, and much more!  

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As we move towards a new reality, there is a real chance for organizations to reshape their business models and redefine their customer strategies. Our KPMG Powered Enterprise suite of solutions for IT, HR, ESM, and risk can help your organization transform the employee experience and unlock innovation that is relevant to today’s digital world.  

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Customer journey sessions

From mapping the customer journey to responding to global change, KPMG is connected to the latest service management trends each step of the way. Tune in to the KPMG channel to hear industry luminaries from Fortune 500 companies share their success stories and critical insights on the platform.

Specialist series

How do you run complex delivery programs while maintaining speed to market? How do you prepare your organization for the new reality that is upon us?  Listen to the experts as they address the most sensitive service management topics of our time. What has worked and what has not. 

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Week 1

Customer journey  |  Ahold Delhaize

A global grocer maximizes the value of ServiceNow to enhance the associates’ experience

How do you increase speed to market in record time? Join KPMG and Ahold Delhaize as we discuss how this global grocer transformed IT and HR business functions and leveraged an agile approach to maximize current capabilities and value on the platform, all in the midst of a global health crisis that put their employees on the frontlines in an essential fight.  In this customer session, you will hear how ServiceNow truly became a mission critical technology across front, middle and back office functions.   


Solution demo  |  Become shock proof: Managing the new reality  

In this dynamic solution demo video, see how KPMG is helping organizations prepare for the new reality of work. 


Specialist series  | Creating a pandemic portal for a government health agency

KPMG was in the midst of helping this agency modernize their HR platform leveraging ServiceNow. But when COVID-19 suddenly required their 87,000 employees to work from home, KPMG advisors immediately pivoted and used the platform to create a pandemic portal. Hear Chris Marston and Young Kim share their experience of using ServiceNow to assist this federal government agency in quickly establishing a pandemic portal.


Specialist series  |  How the CIO can lead through difficult times

Denis Berry, head of KPMG’s IT Transformation practice, shares insights on how CIO’s can lead with urgently needed speed and agility to address the vulnerabilities that COVID-19 has exposed.

Week 2

Customer journey  |  Multinational oil & gas company

Striking Digital Transformation: How a large multinational oil and gas company leveraged ServiceNow to influence dramatic change

Trying to satisfy a diverse group of skeptical stakeholders while seamlessly implementing a new change approach? Join KPMG and a large multinational oil and gas company as we tackle the change management journey, and how the seamless integration into their full program influenced dramatic change.


Specialist series  |  Expectations are growing, complexity is increasing. Are you ready?

Learn how KPMG engagement leaders and master architects developed strategies for platform delivery teams to deliver more solutions in less time using the ServiceNow platform amid growing expectations and increased complexity.


Specialist series  |  Restarting America: A framework to re-open business 

A new reality is coming. This next step will require careful planning to balance the market environment with management of people and operations. This discussion covered considerations to help you prepare, and provide sample scenarios and frameworks to organize employee practices and operating models. 

Week 3

Customer journey  |  An integrated approach to vendor risk: How Comcast achieved real-time, vendor risk and customer data privacy management

With a variety of global and local regulations governing data privacy, how can you manage compliance efficiently with vendors that have your data? Join KPMG and Comcast to learn about the innovation behind the deployment of ServiceNow Governance, Risk, and Compliance and Vendor Risk Management, leveraging BitSight for vendor security and privacy insights. This 15 minute webcast video provides a valuable summary of GRC and VRM Security best practices.


Specialist series  |  CSDM - Not just another four letter word!

Certified Master Architects David Goodwin and Niels Backx discuss a recent client question about why to adopt the common services data model (CSDM).


Customer journey  |  Lowe's: Transforming HR Shared Services in a large, complex retail organization

In this session, discover how Lowe’s is embarking on an HR transformation initiative that will help streamline their outdated manual HR processes to a centralized shared services model and unlock HR productivity, using ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery solution alongside Workday. With this new service delivery model, Lowe’s will now only require 170 employees to manage the same functions that were once delivered by 2000 employees! If you want to learn how ServiceNow and Workday truly work better together to help unlock HR productivity, then don’t miss this session.

Week 4

Specialist series  |  The secret sauce behind large scale transformation success

KPMG ServiceNow large-scale transformation specialists share secrets to help ensure your success moving your organization into the future.


Customer journey  |  Go big or go home! How Exelon went “all-in” with ServiceNow across the enterprise

Join KPMG and Exelon to hear about a ServiceNow implementation that revealed the advantages of applying a “minimum viable product” approach across multiple business areas.  Viewers will learn benefits of scale achieved when a project’s scope expands beyond the IT function to encompass the broader organization.


Week 5

Join KPMG as we host Healthcare Industry Week on the ServiceNow Knowledge 2020 Digital Experience.  Look for healthcare industry-specific content and keynote fireside chats on the Healthcare channel and the KPMG channel.


Fireside chat | Accelerating change in healthcare with KPMG

Join KPMG's Vince Vickers, KPMG Principal, and Mike Luessi, ServiceNow Healthcare GM, as they explore how the current environment has put a spotlight on the healthcare industry and is driving a rapid adoption of new capabilities, such as telehealth and a virtual workforce. They will discuss how the healthcare industry is adapting in the face of COVID-19, and the impact it will have on business models across the industry.


Fireside chat  |  Realtime healthcare innovation in HR with KPMG

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the healthcare industry from human resources to planning to new trends driving transformation. Join Quentin Mackey, KPMG, and Rhonda Blatti, ServiceNow Director, discuss planning for the unplanned and how smarter workflows for employees and HR can unlock productivity.


Specialist series webcast  |  Accelerate speed to care with provider credentialing

Healthcare provider systems struggle with onboarding physicians and efficiently processing credentialing, privileging, and enrollment tasks required for physician staff to begin providing patient care and billable services. Join healthcare advisory specialists from KPMG and ServiceNow to hear their perspectives on the functional and technical considerations in how we can address this challenge for provider onboarding and credentialing.


Customer journey  |  Spectrum Health

Transformation across IT and HR by aligning ERP implementation and ServiceNow with emphasis on employee experience and moments that matter

Spectrum Health was looking to transform its corporate functions, leveraging a cloud-based ERP solution, and had a desire to provide quality employee experiences while simultaneously improving efficiency and effectiveness of its service delivery teams. ServiceNow was selected as a strategic platform to provide quality experiences across IT and HR use cases and minimize technical debt across other enterprise platforms. 


ServiceNow healthcare channel  |  Healthcare solutions: Ideas that flow 

KPMG is collaborating with ServiceNow to create solutions across the Healthcare patient and provider care continuum. Tune in to hear about solution ideas that can improve the patient and provider experience, enable better health outcomes, and help reduce costs. 


ServiceNow spotlight session  |  Restart begins with your employees 

As companies around the world get back to work, a renewed focus on a company’s greatest asset, the employee, has never been more important than in this moment in time. During this discussion, you’ll hear KPMG leaders discuss ServiceNow’s potential in enabling these back to work efforts as a series of “moments that matter” to the employee. They’ll share practical guidance on how we can help our employees through these moments with less anxiety, less confusion and more productivity. They’ll also share how these moments can be addressed as a part of a larger approach to Enterprise Service Management (ESM) with specific recommendations for how to jump start the future of work while putting an ESM model in place to support your employees in the new normal and beyond.

Week 6

Customer journey  |  A fresh look at improving HRSM for UK company, ARM

The challenge was bringing process improvement and new technology to a large scale implementation delivered over a short period of time. Essential to the success was providing process engineering with the right cultural mix of people, project management and project delivery. These were completed on time, within budget and as consumer-based service delivery.


Specialist series  |  KPMG Australia works with ServiceNow to drive change

Craig Wishart and Andrew Hansen from KPMG Australia discuss working with ServiceNow on their operational resilience program to digitize workflows, improve insights and drive increased business value.


Demo videos

KPMG Powered Enterprise  |  Enterprise Service Management

Imagine the potential if workers have the same intuitive, digital, always-available employee experience they have as consumers. Unfortunately, most face inconsistent, disjointed processes that leave them frustrated. Employees are more engaged and productive when they have a connected, consumer-grade experience when requesting and receiving cross-functional services. The benefits multiply if companies use a persona-based approach to understand and anticipate workers’ specific needs. This video shows how KPMG Powered Enterprise, Enterprise Service Management, enabled by ServiceNow, can make these experiences real.

KPMG Powered Enterprise  |  Powered HR

Today’s workforce demands a digital, personally tailored HR experience. Watch a short demo video to learn how KPMG’s Powered HR, enabled by ServiceNow® HR Service Delivery, extends beyond leading practices and automation with a business-led, transformative approach.