2019 Global SAFe Summit
2019 Global SAFe Summit

September 29 - October 4, 2019

2019 Global SAFe Summit

Marriott Marquis | San Diego, CA

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KPMG is a Value Stream Exhibitor of Global SAFe Summit

Attend the Global SAFe Summit at the Marriott Marquis in San Diego, CA and find out how KPMG works to bring digital transformation to customers so that they evolve from having a digital strategy, to doing business in a digital world.

The technology function often struggles to keep pace with the sheer scale of new demands. To meet those challenges, a more holistic look at modern solution development and delivery is required. Take the opportunity to learn new customer value strategies alongside more than 1,600 SAFe professionals. Technological tracks, breakout sessions and customer success stories provide attendees with a firm understanding of all SAFe has to offer. Gain further training at pre- and post-conference workshops in specific roles and applications such as business agility, building larger systems, engineer training, SAFe DevOps and more. 

“Successful execution of the next generation of business strategy will demand successful execution of your technology strategy.”
Steve Bates, Principal, KPMG

If you are attending SAFe Summit, we invite you to connect with us:

  • Visit KPMG booth 315. Learn how KPMG professionals drive business outcomes through targeted strategies.
  • Meet 1:1 with professionals to learn about our capabilities and experience our demonstrations.


For questions related to KPMG’s participation at SAFe Summit, please contact John Roy.

About SAFe Summit

If you want to gain an understanding of how some of the world’s largest enterprises are succeeding with SAFe and how they overcame challenges and roadblocks to unlock business results, the Global SAFe Summit is truly a must-attend event. Enterprise leaders and change agents attend the Summit to share their SAFe journeys and lessons learned as well as hear about SAFe transformations from their peers in other enterprises.

To find out more about SAFe Summit or to register for the event, please visit here.

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